Sunday, March 9, 2014

Goodbye New Orleans

Last night a horde of new volunteers piled into Camp Hope to start their week.  Most were from PA and some from MA. The rooms were full and every outlet was taken with dead phones after 20+ hours on buses and in vans. We unloaded some unwanted parade beads on the appreciative newcomers and packed up to leave. 

Bags packed and stacked

Waiting for our delayed flight. 

Thank you Camp Hope, thank you NOLA

Saturday, March 8, 2014

One more meal, one more meeting with friends

Last afternoon in New Orleans and a last chance to sample PoBoys, gumbo, jambalaya, fried catfish and the most awesome Mac and cheese ever served. 

We split up and some went to St David's and some to Our Lady of Prompt Succur for mass and then dinner with John Booth and his wife at Rocky & Carlos. 

The Levee Tour

Our crew headed out to the Industrial Canal that separates the upper and lower 9th ward in Orleans Parish to see where the most catastrophic breach of the levees took place and to see the reconstruction efforts. 

Facing the Industrial Canal

New levee protects the lower 9th ward

Back at Camp Hope after the tour. 


Friday, March 7, 2014

I’ve wanted to see New Orleans since I was a child

I’ve wanted to see New Orleans since I was a child. I would watch films with a setting in NOLA, and get a sense that this was an exquisitely unique and joyful city. My family and I felt disheartened when we learned of the devastation ravaged by the storm of Katrina. How does a person survive body and soul through an event that rips apart their home and the support systems around them?
 Years later, through Duquesne University’s Cross Cultural Mission trip to New Orleans, I was given an opportunity to help one courageous woman, Miss Vera, literally and figuratively rebuild her life. Due to the logistics of the university’s spring break lining up Mardi Gras week in NOLA, our mission team was only able to put in three full work days at her home. Many of us wished that we could have been able to give more of our time and efforts to see her home to completion. That particular work week, of which we were assigned to, was responsible for the finishing touches of drywall application and the mudding of gaps between drywall boards. Even though our steps were necessary to the completion of her home, it was difficult to see how our small actions would add into the bigger picture of the successful restoration of her new life in the neighborhood. Yet on the last day of our assignment, a visit from Miss Vera, helped our team to see how we were able to contribute to the quality of our homeowner’s life.  Miss Vera has not only been subjected to loss of home, but also to loss of loved ones taken too soon. The courage required to survive tragedies of such weight, is impossible to measure. Yet Vera holds up her crosses to a height that is impossible not to look up to.
When I met Vera, there were many smiles and hugs exchanged. I felt a sense of stability, peace, and hope in her embrace. I think a small part of this strength, has come from seeing the gradual progress of her new home. Even though our group was only able to see and give a small contribution to her home’s rebuilding journey, Vera seems to have confidence that her new home will be completed well and with love. It was comforting to me to know that she had some comfort in her life.

I’ve wanted to see New Orleans since I was a child, because I felt a sense of their unique joy, but I did not expect to encounter a city of unconventional hope. There is nothing that can compare to the overwhelming feeling of worth that is experienced when you look into the face another person and see that you were able to make a difference in their life. I almost feel selfish that I can admit that I may have gotten something more of this mission than Vera did! Yet without exaggeration, I have confidence in saying that experiencing the joy of giving is something that cannot be simulated or bought. There is no stronger feeling of hope than knowing that you may have given another hope.  Faithlynn


Work didn't tire them out enough. Still speckled with plaster the crew didn't even make it into Camp Hope when the call "I want to play outside" brought everyone to the volleyball court. 

Miss Vera's House

Another day mudding seams and corner guards. 

Phoung gets the last bit of plaster. 

Sarah muds between two corner guards. 

Elise used mesh on drywall seams. 

Faith even got on a ladder today (but didn't stay up long). 

Cleaning tools at the end of the day. 

Miss Vera stopped by after she was done with work to thank us and Americorp leaders Amy, Marie, Zoe and Chelsea.  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Not too tired

After showers and dinner the group got a second wind and a plot hatched by Team Tahoe to get out of Linda's scheduled Talent Show came into fruition. How about we all go out and play lazar tag?

So off we went to Adventure Quest Lazar Tag. 

A blur of lights, a target rich environment and lazar tag is on. 

Waiting to go back to war. 

Looking to get to the high ground in the center of the arena. 

Checking scores after the game. 

Bumper cars to settle scores - mudders v. wallers. 

Enjoyed the evening but still wondering where the ball pit was and how we missed it. 


More mud.

Back at work again today at Miss Vera's house in the 7th ward. 

Our goals for the day were set out for us and it was on with mudding and dry walling. 

Hannah mudding 

Rob and Matt scoring and snapping dry wall. 

Trevor marks out where the screws need to go. 

Andy on mud detail. 

Sarah sands after the mud dries. 

Liz had to re-do some of the work from the last volunteer group. 

After mudding and sanding this group will use a bucket of shampoo. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

At work

The day began with a brief orientation at the St. Bernard Project offices. 

Then it was to Miss Vera's house in the 7th ward. 

Part of the group learned to mix "mud" and spent that day mudding over dry wall and putting up corner guards. 

An other team hung drywall in the front room. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We have a king and queen

The Mardi Gras "king cakes" we're cut tonight and shared. 

And Matt and DeNai found the babies in the cake and were crowned our own Mardi Gras King & Queen. As our king and queen they are responsible to supply the cakes for our reunion meeting next year on Mardi Gras.